My purpose is to point everyone to Jesus. I have a bachelor’s of arts in theology through International Bible College. I’m an author, podcaster and minister of Jesus. My ministry experience is total of 6 years as a staff minister at churches. Four years on the streets as a street preacher. Over ten years ministering online through websites, podcast and social media.

My work experience was as a real estate flipper. An investor in stocks, crypto and commodities. I have over a decade in management and general management of up to 200 employees and 50,000 square foot business.

I exist to glorify Jesus the King of kings and Lord of lords. The first and the last. The One who was, is and is to come. The one and only almighty everlasting God and savior. Who is coming back to create a new heaven and new Earth. There is no utopia from man coming.

The Mission is to reach as many people as I can with the Message of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Method of every Christian fulfilling their ministry as ministers of reconciliation. The Model is to manifest Christ in unbelievers unto faith through spiritual regeneration into Christ with brief discipleship to mature them to follow their true Shephard Jesus on their own to walk in their mandate to go out to the lost with the gospel. Repeat to multiply utilizing God’s kingdom influence using resources from Management to get the wealth of the wicked to the people that are righteous to fund kingdom advancement with momentum. Cultivate the Mindset of seeking first God’s kingdom and righteousness and all the things that you need will be added to you.

Make something happen. Start